Learning to cultivate your life energies is the beginning of a way of life that is healing, illuminating, empowering and liberating"
Hidden Secrets of Real Health            
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And authors of
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Kind comments from Shendo

Training graduates
. . .

"Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for a successful, strengthening, happy, wise and wonderfully aware weekend! The training was JUST what my spirit needed. A perfect balance of integrating daily practices, refreshing forgotten ones and receiving new empowerments . . . a profoundly inspiring, relaxing and enlightening weekend at the Rainbow of Happiness!" 

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"The Rainbow of Happiness was a major event for me.  I loved the content of the course and felt it went deeper than anything I've done before. My only criticism is that it was too short!!

I thank you both from my heart and, as always, I feel incredibly blessed to be training with you."

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"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the Rainbow of Happiness weekend. It was so great to put faces to ... deepen, strengthen and solidify practices. I have most certainly been feeling an increase of happiness, intent and confidence in my ability to tackle practices and challenges, and that that life is good! and if it is not then I have the ability to tackle it in the best way possible. :) Life is on my side!"

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"We've done so many trainings and workshops but we both said the Rainbow of Happiness was the nicest, most wholesome and the easiest to remember and take usef things away. And it was such a lovely group!"

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"I'm so grateful to you for providing such an incredibly profound and life-changing training. Your work with energy has given me practical techniques for transforming my life in every way: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I've already experienced how some of your very simple techniques can have a major effect on health, stopping one problem - within a week - I'd had almost daily for 7 months"

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"The trainings you have created and the empowerments you give are the most precious gifts I've ever been given. My prayers for a true path were answered when I met you. Thank you for doing what you do."

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"At last, after years of trying all sorts of different ways of living - this is where it has all been leading.

With my increasing energy awareness I am now able to begin to experience my Spirit - who I really am. A truly transformational weekend."

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"I am a healer and I thought I knew some of the energy methods as I am very sensitive to energies around me. [But] the training was completely different to anything I have learnt with my healing organisation. It will enhance what I do now"

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Yesterday I had a client for EFT and was amazed as part way through I realised I could actually feel her energy and the effects affirmations were having - i.e. whether they would alter her energy positively or have no effect. It was so strong that the session was brilliant and I was really able to help the client.
Just wanted to let you know and to say thanks. This alone will change the way I am able to work with this therapy.

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"... it's different to anything else and was so challenging to my beliefs and self-perceptions. It far surpassed my expectations - I certainly didn't expect a course that  is changing how I look at who I (really) am and how I make my choices in life. Unlike many approaches that just might make you feel better but don't really change the problems, I am changed and am different."

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". . . I'd just like to say thank you for such a transformational experience - I go to many trainings/seminars/workshops but never come away feeling I've got something profound for me, for my life and for the benefit of those around me by the knock-on effects of living one's life with intent.

The gifts you imparted were not only empowering they were given with such integrity and generosity of spirit that they are too valuable and precious to ever think of discarding . . .  I look forward to many more trainings . . . they feel like 'coming home'  to an awareness that we have all strayed too far from!"

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"When I look back a few months, all areas of my life are so much better. Now my goal is to be as aware as you guys!"

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"Many thanks  for a fantastic course -  I'm  still fairly mind-blown by it! - so many health problems have cleared up - and I'm feeling so much better - I no longer need to see the practitioner I've been seeing for three years"

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"The training was above and beyond anything I'd expected. I only wish I'd had all this when I was young. I wouldn't have missed this weekend for anything!"

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"My energy is much more stable and my awareness far increased! - I just wish I’d found you sooner and hadn’t had to suffer for so many years without proper help."

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"The workshop was beyond my expectations. The information was perfect. The training was excellent." 

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"Your techniques have helped me enormously. I've learnt to recognise what gives me energy and what drains it and have been able to let go of attachments to people and other sources of stress that were keeping me stuck in a life I didn't want to live.

Without your loving support, I doubt I'd be living the happy, successful life I have today."

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"It was an unbelievably great weekend. I have never been on a better training. It was a heavenly experience"

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“Of all the workshops I have been to, this one has given me new ways to truly help myself - the rewards can be beyond expectations”

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"Since the Living With Energy Awareness Training, I've never felt so serene, calm and optimistic as I do now."

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"I attended the Energy Awareness Training over the weekend, which was amazing. And this afternoon had a personal consultation with Lynda and Stephen, which was doubly amazing!"
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"I am actually living it for a start! Just got the job I want working with kids, I am enjoying life, romantic options are appearing in magical, synchronous ways, friendships are becoming deeper . . . and most importantly I am starting to actually love myself."
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"Energy Awareness is what I have been searching for all of my life . . . I came away learning so much more than I expected which made the entire experience worthwhile and not to mention how wonderful it was to leave with a strong sense of empowerment."
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"I am really looking forward to the Shendo material and Stephen's deeper explanations about the Way of Life. It is incredibly valuable and I feel so very lucky to have found you both"
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" . . . it’s an empowering training where everyone in the room was able to . . . experience some part of their energy body . . . by the end of the weekend. To be able to tangibly experience this, in such a short space of time, in my opinion is THE most empowering part - of being able to leave the training knowing that if the practices are continued magic will happen. As energies change lives change."
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" . . . [I am] now seeing the world in another dimension that should be recognised by everyone." 

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"Just to say how much I enjoyed   and appreciated the Energy Awareness Training. I so enjoyed the weekend and it certainly is life-transforming!"

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"As always, a fantastic two days! I came away elated, full of positive hope and optimism and raring to try out my practices . . . you can't get too much of a great thing! So thank you once again for a great course, your generosity in sharing your skill and wisdom and your continued friendship."

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"I am feeling incredibly grateful and nourished. The impact you have had on my life has been profound from the day I met you. You have changed my life. I'm such a different woman, you wouldn't believe."
Join Stephen & Lynda Kane at  the 2023

Shendo Trainings
from the School of Energy Awareness

Shendo 1    Awaken Your Energy Awareness
  Shendo 2    Recover and Protect Your Energy




                   Shendo 3     The Rainbow of Happiness

July 15th & 16th, 2023 UK - FULL - Seaford, UK
August 5th & 6th, 2023 UK - FULL - Seaford, UK

"Thank you for the wonderful Rainbow of Happiness . . . it is a marvelous
training that opens a door to a new way of living."  RT, UK

The Rainbow of Happiness is an advanced Shendo training for graduates of the Living With Energy Awareness Training. In the first training, we focused on the first stage of the 'Energy Awareness journey' or shendo, from testing life energies to sensing life energy-effects in your body. In the Rainbow of Happiness, we focus on the fortune ki - internal energies that generate your wisdom, inner strength, happiness, success and higher awareness - with an emphasis on forming connections with spirit places (aka. 'power places') and other sources of shen (spirit energy) that are resonant with your personal needs or karmas.

We also look at how experienced or sub-conscious stresses are reflections of obstructed energies [ki]. And how, once an energy is flowing well, the stress is no longer experienced regardless of what is happening in your life or in the world.

The methods taught in the Rainbow of Happiness are helpful for anyone who experiences repetitive anxiety, depression, anger, sorrow, fear, overwhelm, confusion, exhaustion or other such reactions to the words or actions of others. Or to events in their life that they feel powerless to influence. No matter what is happening in your life, with sufficient shen you no longer suffer the experience of feeling like a victim of your circumstances.

Since the default human condition is one of being driven by largely-uncontrollable mental and emotional reactions, the assertion that it's possible to experience life differently can be very challenging to one's beliefs. But the more we are willing to discover if this is true the more energy-aware we become in ways that cannot be experienced by a consciousness that is undermined by reactions.

The central message of the Rainbow of Happiness is that you don't have to be the victim of events, circumstances or others' words or actions - which is always the case when what others say or do seems to make you feel or think a certain way. Instead, you can cultivate your energy so irritations change into happiness, worries become wisdom, and negative thoughts lead to new successes. This way, the energies of arising stresses are transformed into empowering, tangible benefits.

"I feel so very blessed to have been there. I feel empowered. The course resonated on many levels ... the Shendo makes it part of my daily life. Can't really express how profound the change is ... I feel pretty optimistic and excited about the future. Wonderful. Thank you!" A.M., UK

The Rainbow of Happiness is the shendo (the consciousness-expanding path) of leaving your stressed thoughts, feelings, words and actions behind as they change into a brighter, happier, more empowered way of being.

“When I let go of what I [think I] am, I become what I might be.”  Lao Tse            
Some of the subjects covered in the Rainbow of Happiness include . . .

  • How to pass beyond your root karmas - the constant or repetitive challenges or obstructive conditions that never seem to get better
  • Severing the ties that bind - releasing karmic commitments that keep you stuck in cycles of repeated stress or disturbance
  • How to become free of the anxieties, worries, depression or past experiences that drag you down . . . in spite of all the ‘good reasons’ for continuing to think/feel/act that way
  • How to respond effectively to the difficult behaviour of others in ways that don't harm your own energy and are of service to others too
  • Moving beyond creative blocks to generate new, higher-energy opportunities in your life
  • How to follow your heart - essential life practices for transforming controlling stresses into more inner strength, happiness, wisdom, success and higher awareness. The more you are aware of the flows of your heart [chakra] energy, the more fulfilling your life becomes
  • The dance of desires - knowing when to play and when to say 'no'
  • How to receive the abishekas (i.e. 'empowerments') you need for creating a higher energy future - in ways that don't also damage your energy body (a common problem in many types of energy, healing or spiritual development work)
  • Recognising your spirit places - how they will enhance your life and knowing when you need to attend them
  • Gurus, lamas,  shamans, spiritual teachers - how to tell which, (if any) you need. And which you need to avoid . . .
  • Making your home a sanctuary for your ascending Heart
  • The Way of the ascending Heart - a practical method of transforming everyday life into a life of higher awareness - cultivating the unique energy within you that is the antidote to all forms of suffering, (without having to buy into religion, spiritual beliefs or group-think)

"... It's like being tuned to higher and higher frequencies as we progress. I would never have imagined we would have got to such an advanced level so quickly - truly amazing!" V.D., UK

Except in moments of intense interaction, the ‘normal’ state of human consciousness is to feel cut off from the world - to feel relatively separate or out of relationship with much of what we perceive. This directly reflects our lack of heart-centred energy awareness.
The Rainbow of Happiness abishekas bring us into a closer and closer relationship with the world of energy. This process reveals the world as a uniquely powerful mentor, guide and source of profound empowerments. Our growing connection with the world's energy - rather than depending on religious, intellectual, scientific or intuitive ideas - results in a series of empowerments that bring liberation from ...
  • Weakening relationships
  • Limiting states of mind
  • Obstructive situations in your life
  • Binding attachments or addictions to something or someone
  • Unfulfilling work
  • All forms of stress or worry . . .
All of these karmic conditions are consequences of obstructed awareness energies [ki]. By entering into deeper relationships with the energy world, you will naturally become free of the limitations of your obstructed awareness. The more this most fundamental liberation takes place within you the more your innate but dormant talents, nosis (direct knowledge) and essential creativity awaken and unfold.
"... this was the best one yet. Something so powerful shifted for me. The Rainbow is helping me bring so much more of my spiritual awareness into my daily life ... I felt another level of my healing [talent] kicking in. It has really changed, becoming much more laser-like and focused" S.R.,UK

Shendo practice gradually changes your life and energy to generate the space, time and energy you need for spiritual practice. This practice progressively dissolves the barriers between you and the world's energies - energies that invisibly influence your thoughts, feelings, abilities and everything that happens in your life, in largely unrecognised ways.
As you release the foreign energies that generate ongoing or repetitive misfortunes - your confusions (not knowing what to do), physical or psychological wounds, physical, emotional or mental fatigue and failures (things not working out the way you hoped they would) - you gradually awaken to ever-deeper expressions of your essential nature, the 'spirit' or shen at the root of your heart chakra.

This unique energy - the still, quiet voice within your heart chakra - dissolves karmas, resists the disabling influences of the disturbed mind and emanates a profound inner stillness within which dyana or 'personal power' naturally awakens and grows.

Though this process of constant awakening, your true self gradually emerges - like a butterfly emerging into the light of day. This is the 'you' that isn't gripped by reactive thoughts and emotions - being controlled by what is happening outside yourself (or even in your own body) - and is free to fly with the angels rather than being dragged down by karmic commitments and circumstances beyond your control.

“There is nothing of which every man is so afraid as getting to know how enormously much he is capable of doing and becoming."    Soren Kierkegaard

Sometimes it seems almost impossible to change parts of our self or our life. But by finding the courage to challenge that which controls and limits us, we empower ourselves to discover the radiant being just waiting in the wings.

"... my heartfelt gratitude to [you]. Years of therapy would not have opened up the world ... for me with the energy work [you] are teaching." D.L., France

Starting with simple body energy awareness in the first Shendo training - Awakening Your Energy Awareness - we eventually arrive at the point where it becomes possible to enter into a deeper communion with the Heart or spirit within us and the world around us. This is the practice of shendo that has resulted in remarkable changes in people's lives - including those of thousands of Life Energy Solutions clients who have recovered from chronic symptoms or diseases.

If you are ready to discover your spirit places to receive the abishekas you need for your spiritual development and higher energy fortunes. we look forward to being with you at the Rainbow of Happiness.

"Life feels very full, creative and balanced ... and I am continually grateful for the deepening practice of the Shendo . . . I really have never felt so free. And it's thanks to you that my life is what it is today . . . it's a way of life that continues to open me to a more magical life. Kind of like the Heineken of energy work - refreshes the parts other methods can't reach!" NF, UK

“The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper” 
W.B. Yeats

tHE RAINBOW of happiness


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“I have been following the Shendo . . . for a few years. I first did the Living with Energy Awareness Training about 7 years ago now! Over the years I have gone through times of more and of less focus, but . . . it has been, and is, a totally transforming process and has brought me so much that I could never have anticipated.” HJ, USA

About Lynda & Stephen Kane

Lynda and Stephen have worked together since the mid-eighties, creating and delivering Energy Awareness empowerment trainings for awakening talents and developing a concrete higher energy awareness. They now work with individuals all over the world through their online program of personal empowerment, the Way of Life (Shendo) and their personal mentoring program, Vision Life Coaching. This program is for those who wish to go beyond therapy and healing to deliberately cultivate all their life and fortune energies, develop their higher awareness and live an increasingly conscious life.

In addition to supporting their students, Stephen and Lynda write articles on energy awareness, develop uniquely powerful technology for energy protection and cultivation, offer specialised trainings for energy awareness development and provide various energy awareness-based consultations such as Energy Solutions, Decision Decisions and the Living Home

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