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The Life Energy Awareness Forum is the perfect place to discuss ways of bringing a deeper level of grounded awareness into your daily life. Spiritual and personal development is most powerfully practised 'now', in response to each arising moment in our lives. Those precious signs of life that guide us - as we learn to recognise and respond to them with our energy wisdom - to right action and right choices that really work for us are the roots of a powerful awareness of how your life affects you and how you can affect your life for the good. The more energy aware you become, the more you can be truly responsible for your life.

Stephen and Lynda Kane, of the School of Energy Awareness, actively moderate the forum and offer unique insights and support on subjects as diverse as:
  • Feng Shui, Environmental Energy
  • Making decisions that are energetically right for you
  • Energy Protection - Products and Techniques, EMF, EMR
  • Energy Medicine, Nutrition, Chakra Balancing, Body Balance
  • Dowsing, Kinesiology, Allergy Testing - and Healing Allergies
  • Lack of Energy, EHS - Electro-Hypersensitivity
  • Managing Stress, Relationship Energies, Human Energy
  • Energy Development - Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Mantras, exercises etc.
Join us - and prepare to be enlightened. Or, at least, a little more informed. Go beyond what (you think) you know!

Some extracts from conversations on the Life Energy Awareness Forum

The Triad Wave Music - what does it do?

"The triad wave counteracts the negative effects of emfs"

Question: "These recordings look interesting to me and tested well. Stephen, what is your take on them?"

"I took down my Guardian Energy Egg, and the experimental wifi neutraliser, so I was exposed to various forms of EMF – computer, monitors, optical mouse, etc.. This caused the standard energy contractions in the 4th, 6th and 7th chakras. When I played the Triad Wave music, the energy of left side of the 6th chakra slightly advanced – which is good but the effect wasn’t very strong.
Then I switched on my computer wifi and the 6th chakra deeply contracted on the left side (which is normal for wifi-stress) in addition to the other contractions - with the music playing. So, it couldn't deal with wifi.
The website says: "I “tested” out the above when my daughter came into my office to do a school project on my computer.  She was quite frustrated, even threw a book at one point.  I saw the opportunity and turned on one of the audios embedded with the Triad Wave and turned the volume way down, so she couldn’t hear it.  It took a few minutes but then I watched her quite visibly begin to quiet, almost as if someone handed her an anti-anxiety pill.  The effect was pretty dramatic."
That's a normal consequence of the left side of the 6th chakra advancing - people calm down. Anyone who suffers from mood swings, anxiety, depression, etc. needs their energy there to become stronger in order for them to feel better.
So - the Triad Wave does provide some fairly weak protection against at least some forms of non-pulsed microwave EMR, but only for the left side of the 6th chakra. Not much good for wifi (pulsed microwave radiation) though.

And . .  unfortunately, it also causes the crown chakra to contract (at the fontanelle). So it directly affects someone's long-term vitality – which is a high price to pay for a bit of EMF protection . . .
It can be tricky to test things that affect the left side of the 6th chakra because that’s the part of the energy body that has a strong influence on a bio-energetic test.
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The Real Effects of Environmental Stress

We got a very sad phone call yesterday to tell us that the 20 year old son of a friend of ours had, tragically, been killed in a car accident (he was a championship rally driver, so an accomplished driver . . ). Whilst looking up our friend’s postal address on the web to send a note to them, I came across this bit of history about the house they live in :
“[the house] remained part of the Westminster Estates till about 1987, when [the owner], was tragically killed in a car accident.”
This rocked me to my bones. Two deaths by car accident in the same house . . . . .  It reminded me of a client we had some years ago, who also had a very bad car accident (writing off his car, but thankfully emerging unscathed), whose wife had fallen from the top of their stairs, injuring herself badly, and two of whose three cats had been killed on the road outside their house.
They asked us to do a Living Home consultation for them, to see what might be at the bottom of all this. Amongst many other standard environmental stresses, we found an enormously bad energy (sentient, what some call an ‘entity’) at the top of the stairs on their landing. It was contained in an African statue that had been given them by their brother and of which they were quite fond.
We advised them to remove it (sometimes stresses can be neutralised, but this was not one of those) and suggested some remedies – which they fortunately put into action. Last we heard they and their cat are all alive and well and suffering no more ‘security qi’ issues.
And today I saw a man in the supermarket wearing one of those Bluetooth mobile phone thingamajigs in his ear. I couldn’t help but wonder if he had any idea what he was doing to his brain. But as he probably couldn’t ‘feel’ anything (yet), he was most probably none the wiser, nor in the least bit concerned about his ‘health qi.’
Environmental energy and human life energy (qi, prana, etc – see Hidden Secrets of Real Health for more information on life energies) are very real and the intersection of them, at times, has devastating effect. Even though our five human senses aren’t very attuned to them, we are affected by them 24/7. And some of them accumulate in our (energy) bodies until, one day, they manifest as a concrete problem in our life or health.
The reason we teach energy awareness is so that people can become concretely aware of these energies affecting them, their lives, their futures - and responsibly manage them. Both to enhance the positive energies and contain, control, eliminate the negative ones. Living with energy awareness means one can begin to be one step ahead of ‘having to’ experience the full-blown effects of environmental stresses that could have been dealt with and remedied if only one was aware of them. Are you clear about how your home’s energies are affecting you?

I’d dearly love to suggest to our friend that we have a look at the energies of his home, but I probably won’t . .

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Amega Wand

 . . . I looked at the "Amega wand heal the pain of Paul's finger with . ." video. The wand diverts energy from the right side of the 6th chakra to the finger - which is good for the finger. But, the 6th chakra contracts, which isn't so great, but the effect is only temporary. What we don't know, of course, is how long Paul's finger stayed pain-free afterwards . . .

Normally, with stable healing, the energy of the afflicted chakra advances along with the energy of the 4th chakra. This sets up a permanent resonance between the two chakras, so the afflicted chakra is sealed.
We've had one client with an Amega, who experienced some temporary relief, but the symptoms would always return - which is what would be expected if a chakra doesn't advance together with the 4th chakra (stable healing effect). But then, a sample of one person doesn't mean anything :)
So, for us, the jury's out on the Amega.. . . .

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